Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

If you suffer from symptoms of insomnia or chronic sleep deprivation, you are not alone. Yet the importance of sleep cannot be underestimated. Natural restorative sleep is essential in order for us to function at our optimal level.

The good news is that with hypnotherapy you can learn how to get to sleep and how to get better sleep.

From time to time of course, each of us may experience difficulty in sleeping, but before long we return to normal and resume our natural sleep rhythms.

Hypnosis and the learning of self-hypnosis allows you to use powerful techniques and this in turn promotes natural restorative sleep.

Psychological therapies that emphasise relaxation, cognitive restructuring and ‘sleep hygiene’ are medically recommended treatments. National Institute of health, 2005.

Sleep hygiene and regular use of routine is basically a set of guidelines and general considerations aimed at advancing your overall ability to sleep and stay asleep for healthy periods of time. It is important for the therapist to include this element into a comprehensive treatment plan.

Hypnotherapy has proven to be effective with the use of techniques and strategies involving relaxation, mental imagery, and self-hypnosis. Controlling and restructuring thoughts, letting go of non-useful thoughts, beliefs, worries and frustrations, the use of mindfulness and dissociation can be an integral part of therapeutic treatment.

Though science is unable to tell us exactly why we need sleep, most of us are able to intuit the reason. In sleep we realign, replenish and restore our energies. Getting sufficient sleep makes the difference between a tired, unfocused, foggy mind and an alert, attentive, focused mind that is in tune with the world around us. Hypnotherapy can help us do that.