Hypnosis in dentistry

Hypnosis for Dentistry

Today, despite all the advances, anxiety about going to the dentist is still very prevalent, and sympathy is automatically offered to anyone who is due an appointment. One adult in three has a moderate-to-severe fear of dental procedures and this is very prevalent amongst children.

Genuine dentally phobic people often do not see the dentist at all.

There are many applications of hypnosis in dentistry. Hypnotherapy prior to dental work, self-hypnosis training and naturalistic hypnotic procedures may all prove calming for the patient.
Hypnotic analgesia will prove beneficial when medical conditions and allergies preclude the use of chemical anaesthetic agents.

Hypnotic suggestions may be extremely effective in working with temporomandibular joint syndrome, bruxism, gagging, thumb sucking, nail biting, tongue thrusting and in adjusting to dentures.

Finally hypnosis can be of particular value in paediatric dentistry to facilitate co-operation, minimise misbehaviour and reduce pain and anxiety.