Focus Hypnosis with Sylvia Kennedy

Hypnotherapy treatment helping with:

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Pain control
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Exam nerves
Public Speaking
Fears and phobias
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Insomnia and improving
sleep pattern
Stress in the work place
and in leisure
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Loss, bereavement and grieving
Low self-esteem
and self-worth
Depression, anxiety
and moods
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Hello. My name is Sylvia and welcome to my hypnotherapy website.


It takes strength and courage to seek help from a therapist but you have made that first step so go ahead and make that contact with me.

You are not alone, and whatever it is that has brought you to this point, the hypnotherapy that I offer can make sense of how you’re feeling, your thoughts and your problems in a safe and confidential setting.

Perhaps you are affected with stress, anxiety or depression, live in fear with a phobia, struggle with weight issues or suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Here is just one example of where I can help you.

PTSD can start after a traumatic event, for example in our everyday lives, any of us can have an experience that is overwhelming, frightening and beyond our control. We find ourselves in a car crash, be subject to an assault or perhaps see an accident. Soldiers who have experienced military combat may be physically affected or have seen their friends shot or even killed.

You cannot change or forget what has happened but hypnotherapy may help you to think differently about it, the world around you and about your day to day life.

Let me reassure you that these problems, emotions and behaviours don’t need to define you as a person or control your life anymore.  If you truly have the desire to move on and proactively make positive changes, hypnotherapy can put you back in control, and on an even keel enabling you to face the future with positivity and confidence.

Testimonials from recent clients


I am pleased and very grateful for all the treatment sessions spent with Sylvia.

I have had difficulties for a number of years with getting enough sleep. I knew a little about hypnotherapy and felt that it could help me re-establish a much healthier sleeping pattern. I found Sylvia on a straightforward forum in February 2018, which allowed me to find a therapist close by. Communication was quick and efficient, which was very encouraging for me to take the necessary steps to find out more. After an initial consultation, I felt confident and excited at the prospect of tackling my long term sleep problems. I found the treatment sessions easy to follow. I now feel like I have been given the tools to work with to help me get into a better mind set for healthier sleep. It continues to be work in progress but the difference is remarkable! I am sleeping much better most of the time. I am pleased and very grateful for all the treatment sessions spent with Sylvia. Thank you so much.


I think that Sylvia has a calmness and professionalism second to none.

I contacted Sylvia in May 2018 mainly for my recurrent flashbacks and accompanying negative thoughts which were becoming increasingly disturbing. I worked with Sylvia for the course of three treatments which included set homework. I now feel amazing. I think that Sylvia has a calmness and professionalism second to none. Thanks for everything and I wish you continued success.


It had made so much difference to how I felt and how I was seeing the future. I feel a different person.

I made contact with Sylvia in October 2016 as I had become increasingly low in spirits, I had little self-worth and I was feeling extremely guilty that my grandmother had died and that I hadn’t been to see her before she died. I hadn’t had the opportunity to say goodbye. My first visit which was free, and was about explaining to Sylvia how and why I was feeling like this. Sylvia explained what hypnotherapy was about and what it was not. By the end of this session I felt very comfortable with her and decided to go ahead. The next three treatment sessions involved deep relaxation and therapeutic techniques which were tailored to my problems. I learned several techniques which I was able to use in everyday life. Sylvia had so much patience, she listened and seemed to understand how I was feeling. It was the best decision and weeks after our sessions, although she made contact several times to see if I was okay, I emailed her to say how grateful I was. I told Sylvia that it had made so much difference to how I felt and how I was seeing the future. I feel a different person.

Locks Heath Hampshire.

I learnt a lot about myself

'I contacted Sylvia during mid-summer of 2015. I was running daily to keep fit but had lost motivation over the past weeks and I could feel my enthusiasm waning. The company I worked for was organising a 10km race for charity in three months and I didn’t quite know how I was going to do the run and more importantly I wanted to finish it in a reasonable time.

Sylvia was quite frank in explaining that the course of hypnotherapy required me to be totally committed, complete set homework and that we would work together to achieve my short and long term goals.

She was kind and patient and always explained the sessions in full and I even had some fun along the way.

I learnt a lot about myself and went on to enjoy my daily runs and when it came to the 10km run three months later I so enjoyed it and finished in a very respectable time. Now many months later I still fall back on some of the techniques especially self-hypnosis that I learnt with Sylvia and so far so good, I have maintained my motivation so far. I am so pleased that I plucked up the courage to contact her all those months ago.

Lovedean Hampshire

Highly skilled with an intuitive approach

Sylvia is a kind, patient and caring therapist and seems to know how stressful my condition is and the impact it has on my daily life. I think that her background in nursing management helps her to understand the degree of pain that I have to deal with.

I have suffered from a relatively rare neurological condition called Orthostatic Tremor for six years. The condition is incurable and progressive and so of course I wasn’t expecting Sylvia to cure my condition.

When I am attempting to stand still my legs shake uncontrollably and in order to prevent myself from falling I lock my knees and grasp the floor with my arched feet.

Unfortunately the fallout from this process is severe pain in my back, pelvis and upper legs as well as stress and exhaustion. I work as a make-up artist contracted to the BBC which involves working into the night on a regular basis. So each day whether it be work, social or family, life is an immense challenge.

Sylvia’s grasp of my situation was immediate and over four appointments with set homework she taught me a range of techniques to manage the pain and the related stress. The amazing thing is that the pain seems to actually fade at times enabling me to continue with a difficult but as near to normal possible life.

I am so grateful for her kindness, her skills and her intuitive approach.

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